How to Achieve Success

Welcome to the Handbook of Success. This site contains a free, online version of my book:
The Handbook of Success: How to Make your Life What you Want it to Be.

This book is an instruction manual on finding success, happiness and quality of life. It contains what I consider to be the most important wisdom from more than one hundred of the most influential personal development books of our time.

In creating this book I have judged each idea based on results and results alone. Ideas that anyone can use to immediately improve their life. The material has been kept as simple and practical as possible to make it easy to understand and use.

As you read this book, be aware of how you could apply the ideas in your own life right away. The longer you wait to take action on a new idea, the less likely it is that you will ever take action on it at all. Keep rereading this book until you internalize and apply the strategies, and you will set yourself up for a lifetime of increased success in every area of your life.

Let’s begin.

Mikael Olsson, Author